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Table of Contents

1.      Purpose

2.      Responsibilities

3.      Training

4.      Technical support

5.      Service order

6.      Warranty policy

7.      Complaint handling

8.      Contacts


Note: this manual is just for your reference, if there is any item(s) conflicted with the contract, which is signed between your company and Mindray, please follow the contract.

1. Purpose


Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. is a leading medical equipment manufacturer and service provider. MINDRAY is listed on the NYSE under the symbol MR.


In order to support you better, we compile this manual for your reference. If you need any help from Mindray service department, please follow the related procedure indicated in this manual.


2. Responsibilities

Mindray’s responsibilities

1. Provide technical support.

2. Provide training.

3. Provide copies of electronic manuals.

4. Provide installation support for the first unit (specified models).

5. Provide assistance to distributors to setup or improve their own procedure if needed.


Distributor’s responsibilities

1. Provide a competent well-trained technical service organization, including appropriate quantity of manpower, which can respond rapidly to end user requirements.

2. Maintain an appropriate inventory of spare parts and accessories.

3. Have necessary testing equipment and tools for service activities.

4. Assign designated engineer(s), who should have proper English ability, to communicate with Mindray,

5. Keep all the records, like installation, repair, maintenance, function test, safety test etc.

6. Participate the training programs organized by Mindray, and share knowledge about Mindray Products internally.


3. Training

The distributor’s service team should receive complete service training within period stipulated in contract.

If the end user training is requested, the distributor will be responsible for all the cost. The training will be planned case by case.

1. Normally training course includes three parts: marketing, application and service.

2. Service training may have different levels, please choose the appropriate one suitable for you.

3. Training courses held in Shenzhen headquarter is free of charge for distributors’ first attendance, but trainee should bear accommodation fee. Mindray can provide assistance if needed.

If distributor asks Mindray to conduct training in distributor’s facilities, distributor will pay for all charge, like training, transportation, accommodation fee; and prepare all the issues related to the training, like location, machines, accessories,(reagent, control for IVD products), tools ,projector etc.

4. Procedure:

  1Preview the training schedule on www.mindray.com/, and to select the one suitable for you.

  Go to http://www.mindray.com à choose English or other language suitable for you à enter Mindray home page à Go to “Sales and Service à “Training Schedule” à check the training suitable for you.

  2) Contact with our sales representatives or service engineers to submit training application form.

  3) Acquire the appropriate invitation letter from Mindray, and then apply for VISA.

  4) After getting VISA, please inform Mindray of the exact date to arrive, if needed, Mindray will provide assistance to reserve hotel etc.

  5) Fill in pre-questionnaire and send back to Mindray.

 6) Arrive Mindray to attend training.

5. Language: All training courses are carried out in English and are supplemented with related training material.

6. Certificate: the trainee who passes examination will be issued a Mindray certificate.

4. Technical support

Mindray and its distributors have to ensure that the quality of products and services delivered to end users are of high quality. To obtain this objective, Mindray has established a technical support team, who provides support in the following aspects:

1. Technical Enquires

  When you need technical support, please contact service engineer assigned to provide technical support to your area.

2. Technical documents

  To enable the distributors to carry out routing installation, repair, maintenance of its product, Mindray will provide comprehensive technical documentation. This will include operation manual, service manual, training material, troubleshooting etc. You can download this information from www.mindray.com. Before you download, please contact with international customer service department to get an account and password.

3. Parts support (within warranty)

  To satisfy the end users, and respond quickly to service claim, we recommend distributor should maintain an appropriate inventory of spare parts and accessories based on the quantity of products sold in your territory. You can get the recommend part list from Mindray for reference.

  In case you don’t have stock of parts needed for repair, you can exchange with Mindray following below procedure:

1)      Normal part(s) exchange procedure

CRF: Complaints Registration Form (appendix 1)

RMA : Return material authorization (appendix 2)

Step 1: Complete the Complaints Registration Form.

Step 2: Send the CRF form to Mindray via e-mail or fax.

Step 3: Obtain a RMA Number and RMA form by E-mail or Fax from Mindray.

Step 4: Return the defective or non-conforming part(s) to Mindray with the RMA number clearly written on the shipping container and attach the printed RMA form together with the part(s),and then inform Mindray the tracking number of shipment.

Step 5: Mindray will send the replacement to you.


Please note: send the parts to the address written in the RAM form, otherwise, if there is any additional cost caused by sending wrong address, you will fully bear this loss.



  2) Urgent part(s) (only for VIP client)

4. Installation support

  For the complicated products, which are defined by Mindray, when it is first installation, distributor can ask Mindray to provide installation support on site:

  1) For VIP distributors, this will be free of charge; other distributors should pay all the cost, including labor cost.

  2) NOT first installation, any distributors should bear all the related cost, including labor charge.

5. Upgrades/Field Action 

      1) If upgrade or field action is needed, our technical engineer will contact you and advise the work that is required to be done. We will also provide a list of products by serial/lot number affected by this upgrade/field action. A service note which instructs how to perform this upgrade/field action will be sent to you as well.

      2) Should replacement parts be required, these will be supplied by Mindray.

      3) Mindray requires that the upgrade/field action should be completed within an agreed time-scale. You are required to compile a monthly status report of the progress, which should be submitted to Mindray by 10th every month.


5. Service order

Mindray provides various services, including: parts, extended warranty, upgrade kits, special tools, maintenance kit, training course, installation support and service contract. When it is needed for you, please follow this procedure:


6. Warranty policy

1. Warranty

Mindray warrants to Distributor, for a period of time from the date of delivery from Mindray’s facilities to Distributor (hereinafter called “Warranty Period”), that all main units of Products are free from all defects or deficiency in design, material, workmanship; the Warranty Period for Product and its parts and accessories is specified as below:


Product Line


Warranty Periodmonths


FDA Area

Other Area

Patient Monitoring Products

Main Unit



Consumables: including but not limited to electrode / recording paper / disposable cuff / IBP transducer / CO catheter/ CO2 watertrap / main stream CO2 adapter / RM sensor / BIS sensor etc.




Central Station



Main Stream CO2 sensor



Anaesthesia Machine

Main Unit



Consumables: including but not limited to face mask / respiration tubes etc.




Hematology Products

Main Unit



Consumables: including but not limited to reagent / sample cup / recording paper etc




Bio-Chemistry Products

Main Unit



Consumables: including but not limited to reagent / standard, control reagent etc.




ISE module



Ultrasound Products

Main Unit



Consumables: including but not limited to coupling / button battery etc.




MG-66 image workstation



Lithium battery




The accessories mentioned above shall not include the consumable materials, including but not limited to paper, electrode, disposable or one-off materials, sampling materials, adapter and filter.

The warranty shall not extend to:

1) Any Products that have been subjected to misuse, negligence or accidents;

2) Any Products from which Mindray's original serial number tag or product identification markings have been altered or removed;

3) Any Products of any other manufacturer;

Mindray's obligation under this warranty is limited to repair or replace any parts returned from Distributor in accordance with the Claim Procedure and Return Policy as defined below. Distributor shall be responsible for any services to End Users.


2. Out-of-Warranty Service

During the term of this Agreement and for at least five (5) years from the date of delivery of the last Product shipped from Mindray to Distributor, upon request by Distributor, Mindray shall provide out-of-warranty repair services for the defective or non-conforming parts of the Product. Such repair services are provided by Mindray at the then prevailing hourly labor rate plus reasonable cost for parts and shipping.

3. Freight Policy

For in-warranty Products, Distributor is responsible for freight charges, insurance and custom charges when the part(s) is shipped to Mindray for service. Mindray is responsible for the freight charges, insurance and custom charges of sending the replacement or repaired part(s) back to Distributor.

For out-warranty Products, freight and insurance charges relating to the returned part(s) shall all be payable by Distributor.


7. Complaint handling

 If you have the following complaints about Mindray’s products or services, please fill in the attached Customer Feedback Form (see appendix 3), and forward to Mindray service engineer(s) timely, for death or injury case should be forwarded within one day.

1. Death or injury caused by using Mindray’s products and accessories.

2.Out of box failure(Failure of a product to meet its published performance specification prior to normal use, or physical damage to equipment identified during unpacking, or incorrect labeling which results in a misbranded device).

3. Complaints about quality, reliability, durability, performance or safety.

4. Service quality

For service quality, please send email to service@mindray.com, we will handle it properly.


8. Contact personnel

When you meet any problem regarding service, please contact service@mindray.com

Or send fax to +86 755 26582934


Appendix II: Forms

1. Complaint(s) Registration Form

In case of any complaints or technical inquiries, please fill in the following form with complete details and return by email or fax as soon as possible. Insufficient information might result in delay of response and solution.

Report date:

Agent Information

Company Name




City/ Country





Contact Person


Zip code:

Equipment or Module information

Main unit


Serial No.


Part no.

Serial No.

 Warranty: IN OUT

Problem Description

1. Your question or phenomenon of the problem?


2. ERROR MESSAGE displayed on the machine?


3. What action has been taken to solve the problem?


4. Trouble happening frequency: Always Intermittent Random

5. Is it out of box failure:  Yes   No

6. If the connection of accessories and the settings of equipment have been checked


7. If possible, please provide your judgment of this trouble:


2. Return Material Authorization (RMA) Form


1)        You must obtain an RMA number from Mindray before returning any material.

2)        Please fill out all the information which should be done by customer. (In the packing list: one unit/part per line), and then send to Mindray’s engineer(s) by email or fax.

3)        This form will be returned to you by email or fax with an RMA number after verification.

4)        Please pack the completed form together with unit(s)/part(s) when return them. If fail to do this, the material may not be acceptable.

5)        Please send the unit(s)/part(s) to the address indicated in Return Information.

    Not send the material to the designated address, may cause unexpected fee to you.

6)         Inform Mindray’s engineer(s) of the tracking number along with the completed RMA form after dispatch, Mindray will deliver the replacements as soon as confirming the receipt of the Material.

To be filled out by Customer

Customer Information:



Contact Name








Packing List












To be filled out by MINDRAY

Return Information:



Contact Name

ConnieChan vmi@hkdms.com(c/o Ms.Shirley ZOU





DCL Global Logistics (HK) Ltd

Unit 26, 10/F, Metro Centre PH 1, NO. 32 Lam Hing Street, Kowloon Bay, Hongkong


+852-3521 1034


+852-3528 0058

RMA Information:

RMA Number


Warranty In/Out


Issued by


Issued Date




3. Customer Feedback Form

In case you have any complaints about Mindray’s products or services, please fill in the following form with complete details and return by email or fax as soon as possible. Insufficient information might result in delay of response and solution.


Distributor Information                            Report date:

Company Name




City/ Country





Contact Person


Zip code: 

Type of complaints

 Death or injury   Out-of-box failure/during installation   services quality

  Quality Reliability  Durability  Performance     Safety  Other

Equipment or Module information

Model :

For:   Human  Veterinary

Serial No:


Part No:

Serial No:

Warranty:    IN   OUT

Software version:

Problem Description


Your request